The class is full of smug assholes who think they know everything.


Orgo killed my dream of going to medical school and becoming a physician, I failed it twice. I don't got **** to go to school for now.


Why the **** is pChem required for a ****ing engineering degree. My prof gave me an F for no reason they expect you to know everything.  I'm going to Art History where they're nicer.


Chemistry Sucks ***


A came to my first chemistry class, general chemistry five minutes late and the professor told me to leave. WTF. Who the hell does she think she is. And they wonder why everybody hates chemistry that arrogant b****.


Chemistry is nothing but the lesbian sister of physics...


There's lots of reasons to hate chemistry


It ruined my life


I graduated with a chemistry BS and I am now a lab technician...worst job in the world. Cleaning glassware for PhD's. My gpa is so low from my undergrad I was rejected from graduate school and will prolly never get in. I feel like I have no future and my current salary is useless.


I thought I could blow **** up or make meth. Thanks breaking bad


Wanted to be a pharmacist since I was 14. When I got to college I was prePharm/Med major. After my first year and a half I was put on academic probation because of general and organic chemistry and those ***hole professors. Thanks for crushing childhood dreams. F*** You Chemistry.


An excruciating form of torture and probable source  of teenage suicide.


Chem is for overachievers with no lives and something to prove. Maybe theyre compensating for something?


"Oh you don't get it? Let me explain it the exact same way I explained it last time".


Who gives a **** its ****ing stupid as ****, F*** You chemistry whore mother ****er...


The only good thing to come out of chemistry is the "chemistry cat" meme


In college I went to a professor for help and he was the most condescending, arrogant bastard on earth. He looks down upon those who doesn't understand what HE teaches. Maybe instead of blaming a third of your students who are failing, why don't you stop to realize you are terrible at teaching! There is something fundamentally wrong with people who love this subject.


Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium (K) Yttrium Oxygen Uranium Chemistry


It isn't that bad of a subject. Its those people who love it that drive me crazy. Who gives a care about  this crap, you're never going to make money or find a cure for cancer. The people who teach it think they know everything and 3/4 of the class cant speak english. No thanks. Ill stick with history.


Chemistry is for Nazis


Not worth the effort.


I. Just. Dont. Get. It.


My professor doesnt speak english. The students in class dont speak english. This is subject that is completely useless in this country. Just a way colleges make money by failing kids and making them repeat over and over agin.


I hate those teachers who go overboard in trying to be enthusiastic about nothing. A desperate attempt to make chemistry interesting. OMG lets make moles out of felt and beads even though the land-dwelling mammal has nothing to do with the molecular quantity! There's better ways to waste time.


Do you really need a reason to hate chemistry?? Why does the average person need to know this discipline.


Chemistry = The Science of Torture. Everybody hates chemistry you snob.

Number One

As a manager who was hiring fresh talent out of college, I gave preferred hiring to a candidate because he was graduating with a chemistry BS. When I was in college I originally wanted to go to medical school but failed organic chemistry. I  subsequently changed my major to systems engineering from chemistry but had a respect for anyone who could succeed in this field. I hired this candidate as a systems engineer for the company I worked for because I believe if you can learn complex chemical properties, reactions, and the fundamental behavior of matter, you can learn anything.

Teach Manila

Why did you make this page? As a teacher, you are encouraging students to hate chemistry. You are making it cool to them and they want to be cool. In the Philippines it is hard enough to just get the school supplies and books and computers we need. You shouldn't have this page, my job is hard enough.

John Wyck

I'll try to smart about my hatred of chemistry--I don't consider myself to ignorant of the sciences or unappreciative in general. I simply do not see the value of requiring the subject in college. There are absolutely no applications of chemistry in 99% of jobs. I feel that this is a way for colleges of science within our universities to obtain more money. I also find it highly unusual and supports my money-hungry thesis for colleges that the fail rate for chemistry classes are extremely high. The last chemistry class I was in had a 40 percent fail rate, this is unacceptable in any college anywhere.

"I HATE Chemistry"

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It's 3.00 in the morning and still doing homework...that's how I feel about this.

Brad Pitt

Lab Reports

Spirro Agnew

Tons of work in college and no job in my field. I am a salesman at Nordstom. Even if I did get a job in this field I'm probably making more money here than in some lab somewhere.

Not a Nag

My chemistry program did not set me up for medical school. I was not admitted even after my interviews. I HATE CHEMISTRY!

I Hate Chemistry

It is very difficult to understand electron configuration. My teacher is very unhelpful and am considering changing my future goals when I get into college. I think that I will not even consider the sciences in general when I apply for a college program,


I hate you, chemistry and the world. That is all. Thank you. Best regards. Gerald T.

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