9.1093829E-31 kg

1.6726217E-27 kg

2.9979E8 m/s

10973731.56 m^-1

96485.3365 C mol^-1

1.380648E-23 J K^-1

6.626069E-34 J s

1.60218E-19 C

8.314 mol^-1 K^-1

Mass of an Electron, m(e) =

Mass of a Proton, m(p) =

Speed of Light, c =

Rydberg Constant, R =

Faraday constant, F =

Boltzmann constant , k =

Planck's Constant, h =

Elementary Charge, e =

Gas Constant, R =

Physical Chemistry Constants

For a comprehensive list of constants from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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  • These are the most frequently encountered physical chemistry constants with their respective symbols and units.

Remember, when using these constants, pay attention to the units. Oftentimes  plugging these values directly into equations without considering the units of other quantities will yield the wrong answer. Use conversion factors or dimensional  analysis to make sure units cancel properly and the units of your final answer make sense.